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Prabhakar Clement, director of the Center for Water Quality Research, receives sponsored research award.

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CWQR Mission

CWQR’s mission is to create new knowledge by challenging the status quo and utilizing the knowledge to develop practical solutions for solving water quality problems.

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CWQR Vision

CWQR will be the leading research center in the Southeastern region for managing water resources by solving various types of water quality problems. Our long-term vision is to become a national center for solving water quality problems at the national scale.

CWQR Values

CWQR Goals


The center's areas of research include: Groundwater management, Water treatment, Wastewater treatment, Engineered Porous Material Interfaces, Membrane processes, Remediation

Our Research Featured in Publications

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Materialia, Volume 8, December 2019, 100512

Solidification and melting phase change behavior of eutectic gallium-indium-tin

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